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Our aim is Shareholder Wealth Creation (SWC) for all businesses we work with.

Our company specializes in Company Valuations ranging from small to large entities including Public Companies. All sectors are catered for including the finance industry (banks and insurance companies).

Over the last three years for a Retail Wholesale Australian Share Fund licensed under ASIC we have selected the shares to invest in. This selection is based on our valuation and analysis of the Top 200 S&P ASX listed companies. Since inception the Fund is a top performer in the Australian market with returns in the high 20ís.

A key valuation technique which we also incorporate in the selection criteria for the Australian Share Fund mentioned above is that the value of any business is its Future Free Cash Flows discounted back to Present Value at a risk adjusted rate.

We also do financial analysis or what is sometimes referred to as financial diagnostic analysis. This process analyses the key financial parameters of an entity and identifies any key weaknesses that need to be addressed, in particular the cash flow of the entity. Working with the business owners we look at a range of strategies that can be implemented to improve the financial position of the entity.

Another exiting area of our business is our Activity Based Costing work. Our analyses and reporting in this area addresses two key areas of importance being Productivity and Profitability. The process is not complicated or time consuming and the results are a dramatic improvement in the performance of the business being analyzed.

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In regards to our Cash Volume Calculator many business owners, businesses and even consultants do not know what cash gain or loss will be derived from a Change in Volume.

For many businesses increased sales mean a decrease in cash flow for the first year due to the need to finance additional working capital (debtors & inventory less trade creditors). The second year cash flow from the increased sales is usually positive (a gain),


Our simple to use Cash Volume Calculator gives you the answers. You may be surprised. At least you should know what will happen when you increase your sales.


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