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Our goal is Shareholder Wealth Creation (SWC) for all persons and businesses that we work with.

                          Sensitivity Analysis or Financial Diagnostics:

Financial Sensitivity Analysis or what is sometimes referred to as Financial Diagnostic Analysis.

Plenty of Profit but No Cash? We often come across businesses in this position.

Imagine you could test your business improvement ideas and strategies before you implement them into your business. 

We assess the following areas of your business: 

              Future Profitability

              Cash Flow

              Overall wealth position

              Your Financial Position

              Comprehensive Budget preparation

Our report is in two stages.

We provide a base 20 page financial diagnostic report on the last (historical) two comparative periods (usually a year) as well as two schedules that show the key financial results, results of the marginal cash analysis and details of key parameters for the comparative period and also a projected period that has No Changes to the parameters.
After discussion of the base report we can then process three sets of scenarios (what-if changes to key parameters). We then complete the two schedules that show the key financial results and changes to parameters, as well as the results of the marginal cash analysis. After further discussion a final scenario is decided upon and is then used as the projected part of the final
40 page financial diagnostic report.

Businesses that under go the  financial diagnostic analyses usually have dramatic improvements. The two or three businesses out of hundreds that I have processed that have not had a strong improvement have needed an Activity Based Costing exercise. The benefits of the Activity Based Costing exercise are huge. For information on the Activity Based Costing process Click on the following link Activity Based Costing.

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In regards to our Cash Volume Calculator many business owners, businesses and even consultants do not know what cash gain or loss will be derived from a Change in Volume.

For many businesses increased sales mean a decrease in cash flow for the first year due to the need to finance additional working capital (debtors & inventory less trade creditors). The second year cash flow from the increased sales is usually positive (a gain),


Our simple to use Cash Volume Calculator gives you the answers. You may be surprised. At least you should know what will happen when you increase your sales.


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